Tree Relocations - moving established trees

One of the services we offer is tree relocations.

As part of our tree farm operations, Torbay Treefarmers owns machinery that allows us to transplant established trees.

If you're looking to move a tree from one location to another, or if you have a commercial grove or orchard that needs to be shifted, we'd be happy to chat with you about doing the move.

The viability of the relocation can depend upon the age of the tree, the variety, the location and the growth of the tree itself.

Feel free to give us a call and we can explain the process and if it sounds applicable, we'll meet you on site and help determine the viability of a relocation with you.


The tree has to go, but...

You have a tree that needs removing, but it's an otherwise healthy and happy tree.. perhaps it might be of value to someone else?

We might be able to find a new home for it.

Instances occur where an older house with quality trees might be getting demolished for a total redevelopment, so the trees need to be removed too. Or perhaps a lovely tree has just outgrown its garden location.

Before you ring your local arborist or stump-grinder to remove the tree, consider calling us. We might know of someone who'd take the established tree and depending on removal costs, it may even earn you some money.

If the tree is of sufficient value, selling it on might save or earn you money while the tree can be preserved too.

Again, give us a call to discuss.


Tree Relocation Contact:

0433 301 731

Or for email, use the 'Contact Us' form on the site.

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