Tree Sizes and Prices

We begin selling our trees at 3 years old.

Depending on the variety, such a tree might start anywhere between 1-3m high.

Tree prices however, are generally based on the size of container they are in.

As the trees age and grow in size, they graduate through different container sizes. In this way, the size of the container generally reflects the size, age and level of development of the tree you're buying.



Why sell in bags?

Most of our stock is grown and sold in containers - typically white bags. Various trials have indicated that white bags can help aid good root structure when growing trees by allowing both light and air to help prune the roots.

As the trees grow and their root systems develop further, they graduate up through a range of larger bag sizes.
Bags make shifting the tree around your site easier and can make planting less traumatic for the tree. The larger 500L and 1000L bags have four handles, ready for use with a forklift.

A number of the older trees we have available are grown in the ground at our Torbay site and are dug up as required.

Indicative Pricing

These prices are offered to provide a rough overview of our tree pricing.

Within the same container size, the age, the trunk girths, the spread and size of the trees can vary considerably between species.

Bag Size:

25L $20-40
45L $60-$80
100L $135-$155
150L $195-$220
200L $220-$250
500L $600-$700
1000L $1000+

For specific prices on specific sizes call us on 0433 301 731 or use this website for quotes and orders.

Begin by searching our available stock. As you browse, add your chosen trees to the quote, submit it to us when you're done and we'll get back to you with a quotation.


Delivery Charges

Specific delivery costs can be provided at the time of quoting.

Generally, sizes up to 100L can be delivered within most areas for $50-$150.

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Current specials:

Our current special offers are:


Olea europea pendolino

We have a large range of established Olive trees on sale that are 10+ years old.

Various profiles available - clear-stemmed, shrubbed, single-leader and so on. Prices $600-$1200. Significant discounts for large orders. Call for details.

Read more about this species>

Araucaria heterophylla

We are currently offering discounts on Norfolk Island Pines, especially 45L sizes.

Good discounts will be considered for large orders.

Read more about this species>

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