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These are articles written by the folks at Torbay Treefarmers.

We hope they are helpful to you in developing your knowledge of trees, tree health and good general care practice.


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Selecting a tree for your site



Planting your new tree


Trees and Lawns: getting it right


Pruning for good structure


Buying good trees: what to look for


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Links to other useful sites:


CALM FLoraBase
Database on Western Australian flora. Descriptions, distributions & I.D. photos.

Plants For A Future
Database on the edibility (or otherwise) of thousands of everyday plants.

UFEI - Full Tree List
Read useful detailed descriptions of hundreds of trees. Helpful for landscapers and potential buyers.

Tree Fact Sheets
Florida Uni lists 680 Fact sheets on common landscaping and streetscaping trees. Useful for landscapers, designers and home-owners.

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