A Little About Us

We are a family-owned business that is passionate about trees and the environment.

The business of growing and selling trees has grown out of three generations of family that have always had something to do with trees, whether native seed-collecting, cultivating, propagating, landscaping, tree surgery, horticulture or broadacre landcare restoration.

Those skills are now put to work at Torbay Treefarmers where our trees - many of which start out from collected seeds and cuttings - are grown with great care and attention until they are ready for their new landscape, streetscape, park or garden.

Our stock is grown either at the 2ha site in Perth or the larger 25ha site in Torbay. This allows us to make best use of the climatic differences and gives us more flexibility in supplying trees wherever they're most needed. We also have an affiliated yard in Bridgetown.

We are still an establishing business, having only opened for trading in 2010, even though some of our trees were first planted in 2000. We have much expansion that we'd like to achieve in the near future, further extending our tree varieties and age range.

We hope you'll enjoy growing with us!


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High quality trees

High quality trees must be healthy, strong and resilient stock with good branch and root structure.This helps them transplant more readily, resist disease more easily and cope better with site stresses like dry spells, heat, wind and other disturbances and demands.

Producing high quality trees requires starting with good genetic stock and then providing the right growing care to result in healthy root structure and good physical form.

Because of this, Torbay Treefarmers begin with the highest quality root stock, seeds or cuttings which are either sourced externally from proven providers or collected ourselves from the best source trees.

Ongoing pruning and shaping occurs as the plant grows to ensure that it matures into a strong tree with good trunk and limb structure. Regular root care throughout development is also provided to ensure the plant has the best possible root system. This is essential if the tree is to establish effectively in its new environment.

This level of care and attention to the various aspects of cultivation and growth ensures that our trees that leave the yard with you have had the best preparation possible for handling the potential rigours of their new environment.

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Germinating collected seeds
Norfolk Pine seedlings
Spotted gums in 45L bags
In-ground Olive tree
You are welcome to visit one of our yards and have a closer look at our stock.

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We are committed to using the most ecologically sustainable methods and resource use possible.

Our minimal-impact management practices mean we are able to internally generate as many of our required resources as possible, minimising our external load on the environment.

As examples, summer watering is achieved by storing excess rainwater run-off in winter and similarly, we recycle as much of our organic matter as possible for our planting materials. We have quarantine and containment practices to avoid potential phytopthora or pest risks and by using sound plant care in the nursery and alternative solutions, we have so far been able to avoid using any pesticides or herbicides in the production of our trees.
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