Tipuana tipu

Tipu Tree, Tipuana, Rosewood

A pleasing, well-utilised tree with an attractive light canopy.

Features: Hardy and widely tolerant. Lawn or shade tree. Attractive light-green canopy. Seasonal orange-yellow flowers.
Applications: A good lawn and shade tree, or in gardens, traffic islands or streetscapes.
Description Widely used in lawns, parking bays, gardens and streetscapes, the Tipuana is a popular choice for its hardiness, versatility and attractive open habit. Its light-green pinnate foliage forms a light enough canopy for use in lawns (the Tipuana is a legume) and it produces pretty shows of small yellow-gold flowers. Its medium-sized habit makes it suitable for parking bays or streetscapes and it handles a wide range of soil types and sites. It produces toxic winged seeds that disperse readily, so its invasive potential is considerable if planted in inappropriate sites that might allow transmission to native vegetation.
Availability: Torbay, Champion Lakes : 45L
Mature height: 8-15
Mature spread: 8-10
Canopy: Light to moderate shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Fast
Cautions: Significant invasive potential!! Plant responsibly in lawns, garden beds or isolated streetscapes where its seeds are contained or removed and pose no threat to native vegetation. Prune to shape while young.
Tolerances: Drought resistant, frost and salt tolerant. Tropical to temperate climates.
Sun demands: Enjoys full sun
Soil demands: Range of soil types - acidic to mildly alkaline
Water demands: Low
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Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Semi-deciduous
Family: Fabaceae
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