Platanus orientalis

Oriental Plane Tree

A popular street tree planting.

Features: Stately growth habit. Attractive bark and leaves. Suitability for urban areas.
Applications: Street tree. Avenue plantings.
Description Avenues of Plane trees around Perth offer a stately and dignified streetscape with their tall and spreading shape, patterned bark and deeply lobed leaves. The Oriental Plane has smaller leaves than the London Plane and is widely recognised as being much less affected by some of the issues (Aracnthose or Mildew) that might affect the London Plane. It is a long-lived tree, stately when mature and well-suited as a street tree with its tolerance of urban environments, air pollution and root disturbance. Oriental Planes are also seen around Perth in car parks and inner-city kerbside plantings. Drought tolerant when established, the tree enjoys damp, well-drained soils so ideally, support through establishment with occasional irrigation.
Availability: Torbay, Champion Lakes : 45L, 100L
Mature height: 15-30
Mature spread: 9-20
Canopy: Spreading, broadly columnar with trunk continuous through crown. Dense shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Fast
Cautions: Matures to large tree so only use in adequate sites. Leaf and fruit litter.
Tolerances: Tolerates urban environments; air pollution and root disturbance. Drought tolerant when established.
Sun demands: Full sun or part shade
Soil demands: Well drained soils - acid or alkaline.
Water demands: Low when established
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Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Platanaceae

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