Pistacia chinensis

Chinese Pistachio

An ideal street and landscaping tree with beautiful autumn foliage.

Features: Ideal streetscape qualities. Brilliant autumn colour. Delicate foliage.
Applications: Streetscapes, lawns, paved areas, compacted soils.
Description Establishing itself early and being tolerant of dry or compacted sites, the Chinese Pistachio offers the ideal combination of elegance and versatility for streetscapes and landscapes. Its mature size is ideal for streetscaping or gardens and the striking autumn colour it brings persists for weeks. Its delicate fine foliage is bright yellow-orange, crimson or scarlet in autumn and a rich green in summer. Pistachios also plant well in lawns and in paved areas.
Availability: Champion Lakes : 45L
Mature height: 8-10
Mature spread: 5-7
Canopy: Rounded, spreading, loosely symmetrical. With age becomes more dense and lower branches can weep attractively. Moderate to dense shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Fast in suitable conditions
Cautions: Needs good drainage. Ensure juvenile shape is correct with single leader. This is not the nut-bearing variety (Pistacia vera).
Tolerances: Handles paved sites, compacted and dry soils. Will not tolerate frost when small.
Sun demands: Best in full sun, tolerates minor shade.
Soil demands: Widely tolerant if well drained, lightly acidic to alkaline. Handles compacted soils.
Water demands: Low
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Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Anacardiaceae
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Pistacia chinensis image 3
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