Agonis flexuosa

Peppermint, Willow Myrtle

An attractive and hardy native tree with a wide range of applications.

Features: Hardy. Adaptable to a range of soil types. Attractive cascading foliage and aromatic flowers spring to summer.
Applications: Street and park plantings. Shade tree. Harsher coastal sites.
Description Originating from the south west of WA, this robust tree can tolerate coastal conditions, poor soils and soils with high pH (growing naturally in coastal limestone areas). It's cascading growth and aromatic small white flowers make it a useful tree for street and park plantings. Mature specimens develop deeply textured bark. While established trees can be somewhat large, the size and shape can be managed with judicious pruning and examples are seen growing under street power lines.
Availability: Torbay, Champion Lakes : In production, 25L, 45L, 200L
Mature height: 10-12
Mature spread: 8-10
Canopy: Loosely rounded. Can be shaped and opened with age. Moderate to dense shade according to shape.
Growth rate: Can grow quickly with sufficient water.
Cautions: Mature trees are large, but can be shaped and pruned. Moderate leaf and nut litter.
Tolerances: Poor soils. High pH soils. Coastal conditions.
Sun demands: Grows best in full sun, tolerates part shade.
Soil demands: Can manage with poor, alkaline soils and various soil types with adequate drainage.
Water demands: Low
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Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Evergreen
Family: Myrtaceae
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