Hymenosporum flavum

Native Frangipani

A fragrant and fast-growing native tree with deep green foliage and yellow or white-yellow flowers.

Features: Aromatic flowers. Versatility.
Applications: Parks and gardens, various streetscapes - verges, traffic islands, parks. Lawns.
Description Hailing from more tropical forests of the east coast, the Native Frangipani has been well utilised in gardens and landscapes in the west. Visible in verge and island plantings throughout the streets of Perth with its delicate, fragrant flowers that last for a lengthy period in spring, it adapts to a wide range of well-drained soils. Sometimes quite erect in habit the moderately-sized tree can grow to be more dense and bushy with pruning, further increasing its versatility. It enjoys full sun but can manage in part shade comfortably, meaning versatility in gardens, parks, lawns, streetscapes or landscapes.
Availability: Champion Lakes : 45L, 100L
Mature height: 4-10
Mature spread: 2-6
Canopy: Narrow when younger, spreading with age. Light to moderate shade depending on age and form.
Growth rate: Fast
Cautions: Responds to pruning. Pruning encourages more bushy growth habit.
Tolerances: Various well-drained soils. Urban environments.
Sun demands: Full sun or part shade.
Soil demands: Most well-drained soils.
Water demands: Low once established
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Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Evergreen
Family: Pittosporaceae
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