Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple

A deciduous small tree or shrub renowned for its fine and colourful autumn foliage.

Features: Striking autumn colour - orange, red or purple foliage
Applications: A feature plant in gardens and courtyards. Suited for borders and paths as roots are not invasive. Can be grown in containers.
Description Native to Japan, Korea and China, the delicate appearance and stunning autumn colours that various cultivars offer has seen them used consistently by gardeners and landscapers. As a smaller tree or shrub that can tolerate shade and with non-invasive roots, it can be used either as a feature or companion plant in a range of gardens. Also useful as a container plant.
Availability: Torbay, Champion Lakes : 45L
Mature height: 6-10
Mature spread: 4-8
Canopy: Broadly spreading, dome-like when mature.
Growth rate: Grows quickly when younger, slowing with age.
Cautions: May not like afternoon sun - sun scorch if too exposed. Shelter from strong winds. Avoid soil drying out. Avoid compacted soils.
Tolerances: Shade tolerant
Sun demands: Tolerates light sun and prefers light shade and co
Soil demands: Good drainage preferred. Soil should not dry out. Like slightly acidic, sandy-humic-loamy soils. Avoid compacted soils.
Water demands: Moderate. Somewhat drought tolerant when establish
Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Sapindaceae
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