Acer negundo

Box Elder, Maple Ash

Technically neither a Box, Elder nor Ash, this pretty medium-sized Maple is a popular choice in landscaping for its attractive and fast growth habit.

Features: Dense canopy for shade. Versatile. Shallow roots.
Applications: Shade tree. Specimen tree. Versatile landscape tree.Street and park plantings. Shade tree. Harsher coastal sites.
Description Preferring moist and fertile soils, Acer negundo will still tolerate drier and exposed sites. It is probably the most robust and aggressive Maple, surviving where others would not. Some striking examples can be seen thriving in the hills around Armadale and Mundaring where the density of the green canopy and the cooling shade it offers greatly enhance a site's appeal. Late summer or early spring flowers hang down in attractive racemes. Roots are likely shallow and not particularly sensitive.
Availability: Torbay : 45L
Mature height: 12-20
Mature spread: 9-15
Canopy: Dense and irregular canopy. Broadly columnar growth habit. Flattening crown with age. Dense shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Fast in suitable conditions, slowing with age.
Cautions: Invasive potential! Seeds are numerous and fertile so use only in appropriate sites. Wood can be brittle and require pruning - plant and shape accordingly.
Tolerances: Can tolerate relatively exposed or dry sites. Tolerates floods.
Sun demands: Sun to light shade. Deep shade may impede vertical
Soil demands: Adaptable. Prefers moist soils but will tolerate exposed dry sites. Acidic to slightly alkaline.
Water demands: Low-Moderate
Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Sapindaceae
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