Eucalyptus caesia

Silver Princess, Caesia

Native to WA, this striking mallee is known for its weeping 'silver' branches, attractive open growth and bell-shaped crimson flowers.

Features: Weeping pendulous branches with whitish bloom. Crimson flowers. Hardy. Drought tolerant.
Applications: Feature tree in landscapes or gardens. Open canopy suits appropriate companion planting.
Description With the hardiness of a plant native to the wheatbelt, the Caesia can make a unique contribution to any water-wise garden or landscape. Bark peels in strips from the main trunk and the pinkish or white branches and nuts (which earns it the 'Silver Princess' name) that hang down are contrasted by long pendulous green leaves. It shares the open growth habit of most sizeable mallee and can therefore share its site with other suitable plantings.
Availability: Champion Lakes : 45L
Mature height: 4-8
Mature spread: 3-6
Canopy: Open umbrella of cascading branches. Light shade.
Growth rate: Medium to fast depending on conditions.
Cautions: Branches may hang to the ground. Branches may break where their drooping weight is unsupported by the growth of the tree. Prefer dry summers to humidity.
Tolerances: Dry summers. Low rainfall. Poor soils.
Sun demands: Full sun
Soil demands: Can tolerate poor soils with adequate drainage.
Water demands: Low
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Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Evergreen
Family: Myrtaceae
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Eucalyptus caesia image 2
Eucalyptus caesia image 3
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