Casuarina glauca

Swamp Sheoak, Swamp Oak

A medium-sized tree ideal for wet, swampy and salty sites.

Features: Tolerance for wet and salty sites. Attractive native foliage.
Applications: Wet, boggy and salty sites. Screening. Urban sites. Regenerative sites. Native landscapes.
Description Like most Sheoaks it can cope with a variety of sites and difficulties, but the Swamp Sheoak occurs naturally in flat, swampy areas in close proximity with brackish or salty water. In such areas it grows in soils with high levels of organic content and a high water table level so unlike the other Sheoak varieties it readily handles wet or boggy sites with poor drainage. Its form can be variable - when planted in clusters it will grow with a more erect habit and narrow crown. When planted together, the dense foliage offers a useful screen. Consider co-planting with Melaleuca quinquinerva as the two can occur together in their natural environment. Extensive lateral roots are likely so plant in suitable or adequate sites without root disturbance or compaction. Casuarina glauca is a closely related to Casuarina obtusa.
Availability: Torbay : In production
Mature height: 12-20
Mature spread: 8-15
Canopy: Various - narrow crown or open, spreading. Moderate to dense shade.
Growth rate: Fast in suitable conditions
Cautions: Extensive lateral roots are likely so plant in suitable or adequate sites without root disturbance or compaction. Light leaf litter.
Tolerances: Tolerant of wet, boggy and salty sites. Urban environments. Acidic soils.
Sun demands: Full sun to part shade
Soil demands: Various soils - acidic and saline.
Water demands: Low to Moderate
Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Casuarinaceae
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Casuarina glauca image 2
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