Brachychiton acerifolius

Illawarra Flame Tree

An iconic Australian tree known for its vibrant show of flowers.

Features: Striking flowers in early summer. Hardy. Versatile.
Applications: Specimen tree. Seasonal shade tree. Streetscapes; verges, carparks. Parks and gardens
Description Native to the eastern central and northern coasts of Australia, the Illawarra Flame tree is a medium-sized tree that shows significant versatility as a streetscape plant adaptable to a range of sites. Its green foliage gives way to a spectacular show of early December flowers - crimson or scarlet clusters that typically appear when the tree is leafless. Best suited to temperate or subtropical environments, the Flame Tree may exhibit variance in mature height, deciduousness and flowering according to climatic conditions. Consider planting with Jacaranda mimosifolia.
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Mature height: 8-20
Mature spread: 6-10
Canopy: Slightly irregular, oval. Dense shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Varied according to conditions
Cautions: Climatic conditions may cause some variance in the trees' deciduousness/flowering pattern
Tolerances: Variety of soil types. Temperate to tropical climates.
Sun demands: Enjoys full sun
Soil demands: Tolerates most well-drained soil types but enjoys moderately fertile soils
Water demands: Moderate
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Native or Exotic: Native
Leaf habit: Typically deciduous
Family: Malvaceae
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