Betula pendula

Birch, Silver Birch

Attractive drooping foliage and a contrasting white trunk make this a standout medium-sized specimen tree.

Features: White trunk. Cascading, wispy branches. Some autumn colour (yellow).
Applications: Feature and grove plantings in gardens, courtyards, streetscapes.
Description The fine leaves of the Birch give it a delicate appearance, further enhanced by its hanging branches of foliage. The distinctive silver-white trunk is often lightly textured and when planted in rows or clusters can create a very effective feature. Autumn colour is yellow or gold in colder areas. Essentially a tough and vigorous species, the harsh summers in WA can be difficult for Birch if the soil is not protected (adequate mulching should suffice) from drying heat. Judicious pruning can help good shape and strength. Tolerates a variety of soils but where drainage is very poor, other related varieties (eg White Birch - Betula pubescens) should be used instead. Often used as a garden feature - either singularly or in a grove - widespread useage in streetscaping can be seen in the south-west.
Availability: Champion Lakes, Bridgetown, Torbay : 45L, 100L
Mature height: 10-15
Mature spread: 3-8
Canopy: Oval, irregular, drooping. Light to moderate shade (seasonal).
Growth rate: Medium to fast
Cautions: Very sensitive to soil compaction or paving. Avoid drying soils from hot summers (mulch adequately). Avoid poorly drained soils. Pollen can cause allergic reactions and asthma.
Tolerances: Adapatable to a variety of pH levels and soil types. Tolerates cold.
Sun demands: Enjoys full sun but ok in part shade.
Soil demands: Variety of soil types if adequate drainage.
Water demands: Moderate once established
Native or Exotic: Exotic
Leaf habit: Deciduous
Family: Betulaceae
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